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Let's talk about IGA – your friendly neighbourhood supermarket. With stores scattered across Australia, IGA is all about serving up convenience and community spirit. From pantry staples to fresh produce, IGA has everything you need to keep your kitchen stocked and your taste buds happy. What sets IGA apart? It's all about that local touch. Each store is independently owned and operated, giving them the flexibility to cater to the unique needs of their community.

In their quest to offer the freshest produce to their customers, IGA has teamed up with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana, 2021 People's Choice Product of the Year. Our bananas are renowned for their exceptional sweetness and flavour, making them a natural fit for IGA's dedication to quality.


Beyond the bananas, it's about upholding the essence of "Hometown Proud Supermarkets" – a commitment deeply embedded in IGA's ethos. By joining forces with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana and emphasizing local sourcing, IGA isn't just providing premium produce; they're embodying hometown pride and fortifying the backbone of local economies. This partnership exemplifies IGA's unwavering dedication to supporting local suppliers and fostering a sense of community within their cherished neighbourhoods.

In summary, the collaboration between IGA and Carnarvon Sweeter Banana embodies excellence, community backing, and a strong commitment to Australian growers. With each delightful mouthful of these scrumptious bananas, IGA patrons can relish the flavours of freshness and local pride.

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