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Trained as a pastry chef in a prestigious five-star hotel in Hong Kong, Poon decided to embark on a trip to Australia to expand his English vocabulary. 

Little did he know that his path would lead him to the vast banana plantations of Carnarvon, Western Australia.


Arriving in Australia, Poon found himself amidst the vast expanses of farmland in the southern regions, it was here that Poon crossed paths with Sandy, another immigrant navigating the challenges of life in a new country.

However, the timing proved to be less than ideal, as the seasonal demand for farm labour was low.

“We were both picking avocados down south but as it got hotter they let Sandy go, there wasn’t much work going so we decided we should go North and do something else”

“When we got to Carnarvon, Cyclone Olwyn had just hit so the plantations were still very damaged"


The pair sought opportunities elsewhere, eventually finding themselves in Carnarvon, “When we got to Carnarvon, Cyclone Olwyn had just hit so the plantations were still very damaged, but we were offered work helping with cleaning up the plantations”.


With limited opportunities in the banana packing shed, the duo seized the chance to earn their keep by trashing bananas – a task necessary to secure their second-year visa. 

“We both really wanted to stay in Australia so we worked hard cleaning up and started saving money to explore more”


As the banana crops slowly regenerated, Poon moved away from the plantations and into the packing shed. Starting out as a dehander, he grew eager to learn more.

“I was often waiting for Sandy to finish her duties in the office, so I started doing extra little jobs like fixing broken belts and playing with buttons to see what they did”.


Over time, his dedication and hard work caught the attention of his peers and supervisors, propelling him up the ranks until he assumed the role of shed foreman.

Today, Poon’s journey serves to remind us that with courage and curiosity,, the horizon of possibilities stretches endlessly before us.

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