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Originally hailing from Taiwan, Sandy's journey to Australia began as a simple desire to explore new horizons. 


She started out working on an avocado farm in the South-West and soon met her now fiancé, Poon. 


“Poon pinched my job at the avocado farm and there wasn’t much else around because we arrived at the wrong time of the year”

As fate would have it, their path led her to the sun-kissed shores of Carnarvon 

"We travelled up north until we came to Carnarvon and found a job in the packing shed at Sweeter Banana.” Sandy shares, reflecting on her initial journey Down Under. 


"Our original plan was to stay only one year, but the growers soon became our family, and we didn't want to leave."


What began as a packing job in the Sweeter Banana shed soon evolved into

something much more profound. 


"Our original plan was to stay only one year, but the growers became our family and we didn’t want to leave"

"Slowly, I started doing more and more work in the office, learning how to run the shed," Sandy recounts. "One day, my manager told me she was going to retire and that I'd be in charge now."


With determination and perseverance, Sandy embraced her new role with open arms, stepping into the shoes of leadership with great enthusiasm. 


"It was a bit scary at first as I didn’t feel my English was very good, but I knew I had the support of my colleagues and the trust of the growers," she shares.



Embracing the ethos of hard work and dedication, Sandy's journey within Sweeter Banana stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the unwavering support of a close-knit community.


From packing bananas to assuming leadership responsibilities, Sandy's journey proves that with determination, anything is possible.

As she looks towards the future, Sandy remains steadfast in her commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within Sweeter Banana.

With a keen eye for quality and an unwavering dedication to her craft,, Sandy ensures that each banana that leaves the packing shed is of the highest quality.

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