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Did you know, that in the 1840's Carnarvon was the first place in Australia to grow bananas? Now, Carnarvon is recognised as the town that grows the tastiest and sweetest bananas in Australia. A group of growers in 1993 formed the Sweeter Banana Co-operative. The idea was to develop a recognisable brand so that Perth consumers could identify and purchase their banana of choice, the Carnarvon Sweeter Banana. The co-operative is owned and operated by 20 farmers, all on family run farms along the banks of the Gascoyne River.

The Sweeter Banana Co-Operative invented the “Original Lunchbox Banana TM” to differentiate our bananas from Tropical North Queensland bananas. The bags serve a dual purpose; one is branding to ensure that consumers know they are buying a genuine Carnarvon Sweeter Banana, and the other is to protect our thin-skinned bananas from damage in the shops.



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The Original Lunchbox Banana, famous for their sweet, creamy taste and small size, is a Western Australian favourite. Always in the original lunchbox bag, the bag serves a dual purpose - to brand and identify so you know you are getting the right Original Lunchbox Banana and to protect our bananas sensitive skins from marking. The Original Lunchbox Banana is available in Western Australia in Coles, Woolworths, selected IGA's, and independent stores. 


In Carnarvon, our climate presents a unique challenge for banana cultivation. We contend with strong sea breezes in the summer, cooler winters, low humidity, and scorching summer days—conditions that are less than ideal for banana growth. To mitigate these challenges, we plant our palms closely together to shield our bananas from the adverse effects of wind, heat, and cold. By planting them close to one another, we create a microclimate that helps conserve humidity and, in turn, allows us to reduce our water consumption.

The upside to the climate-induced stress on our bananas is that it results in a longer growth period. This extended growth time translates into bananas that are exceptionally sweet and creamy compared to their tropical Queensland counterparts. However, one drawback of this type of planting is that our bananas occasionally end up having superficial skin markings as the leaves rub against them during growth. These marks, while purely cosmetic and harmless to the fruit's taste, often lead to rejection, as many consumers judge produce solely based on its appearance.

In today's world, where perfection and beauty reign supreme, our bananas are sadly judged on their looks and their sweet and creamy flavour is overlooked. This unfortunate reality means they go back into the paddock as fertiliser, for no other crime than having a few markings.

In response to this challenge, we've taken a stand. We find it disheartening to waste bananas that we've dedicated 18 months to nurture and grow. We're aware that many sustainabilty enthusiasts share our commitment to reducing food waste. As a solution, we've introduced the "Smoothies" brand, exclusively designed for these single marked bananas. As the name suggests, they are ideal for creating delicious smoothies and other culinary delights. This way, we ensure that our hard work in cultivating these bananas does not go to waste, and they find a valuable place in the kitchens and recipes of those who appreciate both quality and taste over appearance.


In 2015, the innovation continued, and we contacted a Perth baker and developed our banana bread; you won’t even see the skin, and all you need to do is love the taste. Try some today and help us make sure that everything we grow is eaten, because that’s what mother nature intended. While it might be a bit of a stretch to claim that enjoying our banana bread is directly saving the planet, you are undoubtedly contributing to the noble cause of preventing our bananas from going to waste as mere fertiliser. Every bite of our banana bread is a step towards reducing food waste and making the most of what nature provides.

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Our Banana Bread is a testament to simplicity and quality. Crafted with just three basic ingredients, all sourced from Western Australian producers, and, of course, our cherished Carnarvon Sweeter Bananas, it offers a delightful and wholesome treat. It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways - whether you prefer it toasted with a smear of butter or paired with fresh, sweet Carnarvon bananas for a complete and satisfying experience.

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Our Smoothies bananas are sweet, creamy, and spray-free, with light markings caused by the banana leaves tickling the bananas as they grow.

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The small markings on the outside are only skin deep, and inside, you will find the perfect banana, ready for eating or smoothies and cakes. Our "Smoothies" bananas are available from Coles supermarkets in Western Australia.

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