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Mandy and Julian, both born and bred in Carnarvon, have woven themselves into the fabric of the community through their shared passion for farming and long standing local family history.

Their journey together began amidst the carefree teenage years, bonding over shared interests and the thrill of roller-skating, their connection blossomed into a romance.

“We’d look forward to trying to top each other's tricks on Friday skate nights at the local rink. Mandy was pretty good on her skates” Julian remarks

“I think for us, without the co-op it became a lot of work, almost too much, we didn’t have much time for anything other than work”

In 1991, the couple embarked on a joint venture, purchasing a stake in a plantation from Julian's mother. 

They then went on to marry in 1992 at the local Dalmicija club, erected in 1980 as a community hub for the growing European influence in Carnarvon.

“Ours was the first wedding to be held there” Julian proudly professed. 

For Julian, whose Italian heritage is deeply rooted in the soil of Carnarvon, farming was not just a livelihood but a legacy passed down through generations. 

He reminisced about his grandparents, who immigrated from Italy and toiled tirelessly to establish a new life, paving the way for future generations.


Their involvement in agriculture runs deep, with Mandy and Julian both playing pivotal roles in the Sweeter Banana co-op as founding members.

Together with fellow growers, they sought to carve out a better market for bananas, driven by a shared vision of prosperity and sustainability for the industry.

“I think for us, without the co-op it became a lot of work, almost too much, we didn’t have much time for anything other than work” Julian remarked


Despite the rigours of farming, Mandy and Julian find great fulfillment in their work. 

"Even though the work is hard, we enjoy it," Mandy affirms, highlighting the freedom of being their own bosses. 


Their love for the lifestyle in Carnarvon is easy to see, with Mandy expressing gratitude for the abundance of time spent with family and the opportunity to visit their grandchildren, thanks to being part of the Sweeter Banana community.

As a third-generation grower, Julian has witnessed the evolution of farming practices in Carnarvon. 

While they continue to cultivate bananas, mangoes, and stone fruit, they eagerly anticipate the growth and development of the value-added center, which promises to further enhance the region's agricultural landscape.

For Mandy and Julian, Carnarvon represents more than just a place to call home; it's a sanctuary where generations of tradition and heritage intersect. 

"Growing up in Carnarvon has been very good for us, and our kids too" Mandy reflects, underscoring the deep sense of belonging and fulfillment that comes from nurturing the land and fostering a legacy for the future.

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