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Costco isn't just your average shopping destination – it's the ultimate haven for those who love to buy big and save big! Since its introduction to Australia in 2009, Costco has been the go-to spot for savvy shoppers looking to stock up on everything from household essentials to gourmet treats. With warehouses dotted across the globe, Costco makes it easy for everyone to shop smarter and live better.

And when it comes to fresh produce, Costco doesn't mess around. That's where Carnarvon Sweeter Banana comes into play. These golden treasures from Western Australia have earned a special place on Costco's shelves, thanks to their unbeatable sweetness and creamy flavour.


But Costco's partnership with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana isn't just about bananas – it's about living up to their slogan of “Do the right thing”. Costco is committed to supporting local suppliers and providing its members with top-quality goods, and Carnarvon Sweeter Banana fit right in with this.


By teaming up with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana, Costco isn't just delivering premium produce – they're also investing in Aussie farmers and boosting regional economies. It's a win-win situation that's in line with Costco's mission to offer value and quality to its members.

Every time Costco members indulge in the delicious flavour of these premium bananas, they're not just enjoying a tasty treat but also participating in a community-driven effort to promote local agriculture. Here's to a partnership that celebrates excellence and community spirit.

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