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Wetherell Street, Manjimup, WA 6258

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday : 10am - 5pm / Friday: 10am - 2pm

What process do our bananas undergo to be turned into vodka?

"You know how when you make banana bread it tastes way better when the bananas are super brown? Turns out, it’s the same with spirits. After we let them get nice and overripe, we puree the bananas with hot water, then add enzymes that are traditional in wine and whisky making. The enzymes get to work eating up all the starches and proteins, separating the puree into sweeter juice and pulp. We then do a quick strain to remove the biggest bits of pulp, before adding yeast to the sweet juice to ferment it, just like a wine or a beer. After 1 week of fermenting, we have a ‘banana wine’ at approximately 10% alcohol. We distil this wine at least twice to increase the alcohol content and strip a lot of the flavours. Finally, we blend with our neutral grape spirit, distill again, charcoal filter it, reduce to bottling strength with reverse osmosis water and leave to rest for a couple of weeks. After all that - voila! It’s good as gold."

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