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104 Victoria Rd, Dayton, Perth, WA, Australia, 6055

Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8am - 4pm

Tell me about yourself and your business.

"We are a family owned and run hobby farm, situated in the Swan Valley. We are only open on weekends and offer fresh produce and woodfired breads and cakes. We started out as an Airbnb but during Covid we went back to our roots and started farming the land, selling what we grew and produced. Everything we grow and source is organic or spray free."

How long have you been selling Carnarvon Sweeter Bananas and why did you get involved?


"I did a google search one day trying to find WA grown bananas and came across Sweeter Bananas website. I filled in the buyer registration form and got in contact with their business manager, Doriana. We've been selling Sweeter Bananas for about 6 months now"

Why did you choose to work with Sweeter Banana?

"I chose Sweeter Banana due to the fact they are spray free, locally grown and they look good too. Everything we sell is spray free or organic so maintaining that with the products we source from others was really important to me."

What are your days and location of trading?

"You can find us in Dayton where we open on weekends, the rest of the week is spent working the farm, making goodies and stocking our stall."

What is your product range?

"We sell Sweeter Bananas loose, in our yummy banana and Lindt chocolate bread and soon I'm going to start packaging them up as dehydrated treats."

What do you like most about Sweeter Banana?

"We love that the bananas we get are spray free and grown by family owned farms in WA (like us!) The fact that Sweeter also organise the delivery of their bananas to us really helps us out. I don't think people realise how time poor farmers are, I'm making icy poles as I do this interview just to prove that!"


What feedback do you get from customers?

"The proof is in our sales that customers love Sweeter Banana! We started out ordering 1 box per week and have now had to up our order to 4 boxes. People can't get enough of the sweet, creamy flavour."

Why do you trust our product?

"The produce I receive is always of such a great standard and the contact I have with the company feels really personal and genuine."

How important is it to your business to source local produce??

"For us it's really important that the things we don't grow are still grown in WA. Sourcing locally is one of our main priorities, our customers are relying on us to provide them with fresh food that is in turn supporting locally run business just like us. We would much rather have direct contact with the farmers than buy it through a big name company and have no idea where it's come from"

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