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49a Coldwells Street Bicton WA 6157

Opening Hours: Tuesday & Friday - 12pm - 6pm

Delivery Info: Tuesday & Friday (Perth Area)

Tell me a little about Matters of Taste. What do you do?

"I’ve been a professional chef for 44 years. The past 25 years I’ve run Matters of Taste Cooking School in Perth where we had over 80,000 home cooks through our teaching kitchen. Since 2019 we have been building an online fresh food grocery delivery business for Perth and we run Food Tours to help locals connect with where their food comes from."


How long have you been working with Sweeter Banana and how did you get involved?

"We've been sourcing Sweeter Bananas since 2019. We heard through Anthony East at Southern Forest Produce Direct – we are an agent for him"

What are your days and location of trading?

"Online – open 24/7 to take orders. Delivery around Perth or pick up from us in Bicton Tuesdays and Fridays."

What is your current product range?

"Currently we only supply loose bananas or part of fruit boxes"

What feedback do you get from customers?

"We sell quite a lot, so they must like them! (Sometimes we do get them and they’re really green. We tell them to ripen them in a paper bag.)

What do you like most about Sweeter Banana?

"The flavour and of course that they are grown in WA on independent family run farms."

Why do you trust our product?

Because it’s consistently good and we can see on social media that the farmers take good care of their crops

Why is important to you that produce goes directly to customers?

Freshness is all important so the flavour and nutrients are at maximum strength.

Why did you start doing produce boxes?

We, as a majority, live in an increasingly unhealthy society and really need to get our health back by eating good food, making it a priority. I also want to inspire more people to cook from scratch. We have now expanded our range to over 400 items. Mostly fresh produce with a great range of fruit and veg, meats, seafood, dairy, baked goods, eggs, some pre-prepared meal solutions (from butcher and bakery) plus a great range of pantry items ands WA wines!


What area do you deliver to?

Perth inner metro 12 suburbs around Bicton enjoy free delivery and remaining areas pay $9.90

How important is it to your business to source local produce?

Keeping it local means we are promoting support for WA farmers. We don’t want future generations to not have a choice about what they eat – food security for us in the isolated state of WA is something to protect. Shopping local produce also assists with caring for the environment with less food miles and less packaging buying so much direct. And it tastes great!

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