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Coles has been a big deal in Aussie retail since forever, rocking the scene since 1914. They're the go-to for millions of Aussies, offering everything from groceries to fresh produce and household goodies. You name it, Coles has got it, with stores dotted across cities and towns, making life easier for everyone.

But Coles isn't just about the shopping hustle. They're all about doing things right, from looking after the environment to supporting local farmers and producers. They're on a mission to minimize waste, promote sustainability, and make sure everyone's got access to fresh, healthy food. That's the Coles way.

So, why did Coles decide to team up with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana? It's all about living up to their slogan: "Value the Australian Way." Coles has a knack for recognizing quality, and they're dedicated to bringing the freshest, most flavorful produce to their customers.

Carnarvon Sweeter Banana embodies that commitment perfectly, delivering bananas that are not only top-notch in taste but also grown right here in WA.

But it's more than just about the bananas – it's about Coles' dedication to Australian values. By partnering with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana and sourcing locally, Coles isn't just providing premium produce – they're also investing in Aussie farmers and boosting regional economies. It's a win-win situation.

In essence, the partnership between Coles and Carnarvon Sweeter Banana epitomizes quality, sustainability, and support for Aussie growers – all in line with Coles' commitment to "Value the Australian Way." With every bite of delicious banana, Aussie shoppers can savor the taste of quality and community. Cheers to that!

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