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115 Collis Rd, Wattleup WA 6166

Delivery times

North Perth - Friday 10am - 5pm

South Perth - Thursday 10am - 5pm

Kalgoorlie - Friday 9am-5pm

Tell me a little about yourself, what's your story?


We are a second generation family farm located in Wattleup, Western Australia, owned and operated by myself Paul Glavocich, my wife Crystal, and my two parents.

We started back in 1986 when my Dad (also named Paul) bought a small farming property. Back then, all that existed was bare land. My dad worked really hard over the next few years to turn this farming property into a Market Garden, preparing the ground and soil, and setting up all the infrastructure and sprinklers on his own.


Originally, we were growing and supplying vegetables to our local markets, but in recent years, we supply fresh produce direct to our community through produce boxes.


How long have you been selling Carnarvon Sweeter Bananas and why did you get involved?


I was looking for West Australian grown bananas to sell in my produce boxes and a friend pointed me in the direction of Sweeter Banana. That was three years ago now and we've been working with them ever since. 

Why did you choose to work with Sweeter Banana?

I got on the phone to Sweeter's business manager, Doriana, and she gave me a run down on the product and business. I liked the fact it was family owned and operated, like my own business, they didn't use any nasty chemicals on their fruit, and it was grown right here in Western Australia. 

What are your days and location of trading?

We do home deliveries throughout Perth and Kalgoorlie, and our website is available 24/7 for orders. Deliveries are made on Thursdays and Fridays.

What is your product range?

We sell premium-grade bananas by the kilo and include them in our mixed fruit boxes.

What feedback do you get from customers?

Customers love the sweeter taste of the bananas, and many are impressed by the shelf life compared to other varieties..

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