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Unit 1/55 Horus Bend, Bibra Lake WA 6163

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm

                     Saturday - Sunday : 9am - 2pm

Tell me a little about Le Moulin Bakery. What do you do?

"We are a family-owned bakery wholesaler in Perth.  Le Moulin Bakery has been established in the local market for over 20yrs (under a different name) and supplies large and small orders to premium event venues, hospitals, bars, cafes and independent grocer groups. We specialise in bread products but also supply bar cake lines, muffins, croissants, danish', and a few other assorted sundry lines"


How did you get involved with Carnarvon Sweeter Banana and why?

"We decided we wanted to start baking delicious banana bread and needed someone to supply us with bulk bananas. A friend of ours had Sweeter Bananas contact details so passed it on to us, we gave them a call and soon after, we were busy baking a new line of banana goodies."

What is your product range using our bananas?

"We offer fresh baked banana bread, banana cakes and yummy bananas muffins"

What do you like most about Sweeter Banana?

"We love how fresh the bananas are and that it's WA grown, only a few hours up the road. We can also rest assured we are supporting another family-owned business much like ours, it's so important that small businesses stick together and support one another"

What do your customers have to say?

"Our customers love our baked banana goods, the banana bread is one of our most popular products it's out the door in a matter of minutes sometimes!"

How do Sweeter bananas make your product stand out?

"Whenever we use Sweeter Bananas, our products always taste so fresh and like real banana! They just taste so good!"

What's the process you undertake to make a new prodcuct from our bananas?

"First we peel big batches of bananas, crush them up into a paste and then mix it in with various ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs etc. It then goes into a tin and baked in our ovens fresh for our customers to enjoy."

Why is it important to you that product that would have been wasted, is used?

"For us it doesn't matter how the fruit looks as no one sees that part of, it's about the taste, and Sweeter Bananas taste amazing even with a few brown spots (it actually makes our cakes and breads sweeter and more indulgent!) We love that we can help another company combat waste and make it into something yummy.

Why is it important to your business to source local produce?

"Customers trust products that are local, a lot of people have even been up that way so they have seen the bananas growing and have a better understanding of the ingredient that is now in their cake or bread. We also love the fact that Sweeter is just up the road so it can be here overnight when we put an order in and it's still lovely and fresh"

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