Sweeter Banana Co-operative recovery:

Cyclone Olwyn crossed Carnarvon on Friday 13th of March 2015 and pushed all the regions banana plantations to the ground, a devastating day for the Sweeter Banana Co-operative and all other growers in the Gascoyne region.

Photo: March 2015 – Devastation following tropical cyclone Olwyn
The Sweeter Banana Co-operative members have worked hard and intensively to recover; the Gascoyne river has flowed 4 times since the cyclone without a flood and delivered some much needed water after 3 years of water restrictions. Some smaller plants that could be saved and up after the cyclone are expected to have the first (small) bunches ready by December but greater volumes won’t be coming on towards the end of summer in March/April 2016. Have patience our friends; we will be back and it wont be too long until Sweeter Bananas will be back on the market!

Three WA Sweeter Bananas in every loaf

We have taken WA’s favourite bananas and turned them into a fantastic new all natural banana bread. Here at Sweeter Banana we care about WA farmers and this delicious bread contains 30% of our ripe Carnarvon bananas, and all natural ingredients – no preservatives or artificial colours or flavourings. Made in WA with WA ingredients the Bread contains Carnarvon Bananas and WA flour, WA eggs and WA sour cream and it’s made from real bananas not pulp!. Purchasing our Banana bread not only gives you some great options for snacks but it helps to keep our Carnarvon Banana industry sustainable. So not only are you doing a good deed for farmers but you get a tasty reward!

Our Banana bread is great toasted or warmed in the microwave with butter, or ricotta cheese. Perfect for breakfast, morning tea or for a tasty and satisfying lunchbox snack. You can even cheat, tell your kids and friends you made it yourself, it tastes so real they will believe you! (and we won’t tell!)

Available at the Buy West Eat Best Stand in the IGA Fresh Pavillion at the Royal Show all day on Sunday 29th September and in the morning of Friday 4th October.

Our bread will be on sale in stores from next week. If you want to know where you can buy it, please fill out the form on the right with your suburb and we can put you in touch with your local retailer.

Our special growing conditions mean that we have lots of bananas perfect for bread, to find out more about why we need to make banana bread to keep our industry sustainable click the link below.


- Our bananas taste better!

Not just any banana - it is the SWEETER BANANA! Curtin University in WA conducted a taste survey of our Sweeter Bananas vs Tropical North Queensland Bananas. Taken into a windowless room removed of all stimulation the participants “blind tasted” two samples of bananas! 9 out of 10 people could taste the difference between our Sweeter Bananas grown in Sub-Tropical Carnarvon, Western Australia compared to the faster growing Qld bananas. Overwhelmingly 8 out of the 10 preferred ours! It was no surprise to us – we have been telling people for years that our bananas taste better. So see for yourself what the fuss is about try a Carnarvon Sweeter Banana today!

Sweeter Bananas take twice as long to grow as the tropical banana, making them the ultimate slow food.
Carnarvon’s arid desert climate and isolation means that Sweeter Bananas are kept safe from bugs and pests that plague bananas grown just about everywhere else in the country.That means that not only are Sweeter Bananas free from insecticides, pesticides and fungicides but they are also cleaner and greener which is better for the environment.
All Carnarvon Sweeter Banana farmers have environmental accreditation, ensuring sustainability and environmental harmony.
Carnarvon Sweeter Bananas are readily available and easy to identify, just look for the Buy West Eat Best symbol. The Lunchbox Banana is famous for its sweet and creamy taste and small size and you will always find them in its original lunchbox bag. Smoothies are bananas grown on the outside of the bunch and they’re also sweet, creamy and spray free. They have light markings on their skin but inside the bananas are perfect and can be eaten fresh, or used in smoothies and cakes.
It’s no wonder Australians love Carnarvon Sweeter Bananas, they are recognised as the best tasting variety available. And, they are packed with vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, foliate, betacarotene and they are the best fruit source of vitamin B6. They’re also a very good source of fiber and potassium and are fat and cholesterol free. They’re a quick, tasty and easy source of carbohydrate which provides energy for muscle and brain function.

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