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Born and raised in the heart of farming country, Sophia's upbringing was steeped in the traditions of rural life, shaping her worldview and instilling in her a deep appreciation for the land and its bounty.

"I’ve always been surrounded by farming. My early years were lived between my grandparent’s cattle station, Yanrey Station, and Carnarvon. Being right in the middle of agriculture has had a huge impact on me," Sophia reflects


"As a kid my weekends were spent helping my mum at the local markets, the stalls next to us would always sneak me treats like banana smoothies and Morel’s famous fruit ice-creams. Otherwise, I was off adventuring with the kids out on Brickhouse station. Thanks to how I was raised, I have such an appreciation for rural life and eating locally”.

Drawn to the power of stories and the allure of education, Sophia found herself naturally gravitating towards a career that would allow her to share her love for agriculture with others. Joining the team at Sweeter Banana marked the beginning of a journey that would see her combine her passion for storytelling with her deep-seated connection to the land.


"Working at Sweeter Banana isn't just about selling fruit – it's about helping people understand where our food comes from," Sophia explains. "I want to highlight the vital role that farmers play in feeding our communities and promote sustainable farming practices. It really scares me when kids tell you their groceries come from a factory instead of a farm”.


At Sweeter Banana, Sophia has found a platform to educate others on the journey from farm to table. Through blog posts, social media campaigns, and community outreach initiatives, she's sought to demystify the world of agriculture and inspire others to support local growers.


But Sophia's aspirations extend beyond her role at Sweeter Banana. With a burning desire to make a meaningful impact on rural communities, she harbors dreams of becoming a journalist specialising in rural issues.


"I want to be a voice for those whose stories often go unheard," Sophia shares. "From the struggles of small-scale farmers to the triumphs of rural innovation, I believe there's a need for more representation of rural communities in the media."


As she looks to the future, Sophia remains steadfast in her commitment to advocating for the agricultural industry and amplifying the voices of those who call rural Australia home. With her boundless enthusiasm, unbeatable spirit, and a heart as vast as the outback itself, there's no doubt that Sophia Alston is destined to leave a lasting mark on the world of agriculture and beyond.

"Working at Sweeter Banana isn't just about selling fruit – it's about helping people understand where our food comes from"

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