Banana Bread to help growers get through tough times

A group of Carnarvon Banana Growers has announced that bananas, salvaged after Tropical Cyclone Olwyn destroyed Banana Plantations in Carnarvon, will be turned into banana bread to sustain growers through the next 12 months.

Launched in Perth today by Minister for Agriculture the Hon Ken Baston, Woolworths will be the first major retailer to stock the Western Australian sourced and made Sweeter Banana Bread, growing its distribution to 30 Woolworth’s stores in WA.
Speaking at the launch of Sweeter Banana Bread into select Woolworths Perth stores, Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston applauded the co-operative members for their entrepreneurial response during a very difficult period for Carnarvon growers.
“Cooperative members are not giving up despite the setbacks and they are doing everything they can to provide their customers with a product.” Said Minister Baston.

Owned and operated by 25 farmers on family run farms, The Sweeter Banana Cooperative was formed in 1993 to develop the Carnarvon Sweeter Banana brand, providing delicious local produce to local customers.

The unique environmental growing conditions of the Carnarvon Sweeter Banana make it a sweeter and creamier sub-tropical banana than its Tropical North Queensland cousins. However, these same unique environmental conditions can also result in bananas being damaged with superficial skin markings, rendering the fruit unsuitable for retail sale but still perfect eating. To combat wastage, the farmers came up with a solution; Sweeter Banana Bread.

The all-natural Sweeter Banana Bread contains Carnarvon bananas along with other locally sourced ingredients including flour, eggs and sour cream. The result is a sustainable product that not only minimises wastage but also further supports the wider Western Australian Farming Industry.
Sweeter Banana Co-operative is part of the Buy West Eat Best labelling program, run by the Department of Agriculture and Food.
The program provides Western Australian consumers and the local food industry with a food-specific brand to clearly identify Western Australian grown, farmed, fished and produced food products.

The Sweeter Banana Co-operative Business Manager, Doriana Mangili said, “Our farmers have been producing bananas for more than 30 years but the effects of Tropical Cyclone Olwyn have been devastating to the Western Australian banana industry, destroying nearly all of our crops. We will be out of production for at least the next 9 months.”

“The crops that we were able to salvage have gone into our Sweeter Banana Bread. By buying our delicious banana bread, you’re also supporting the Western Australian banana industry at a time we need it the most.”

Woolworths Local Sourcing Manager for WA, Lynne Vawser said, “The Sweeter Banana Co-operative has been supplying our WA customers with some of the best tasting bananas and our customers love being able to choose local produce. We are extremely pleased to now stock their delicious Sweeter Banana Bread. ”

The 600g loaf of the Sweeter Banana Bread is available in 30 Woolworths stores in WA and retails for $6.99.

Tasting the difference at the Royal Show 2012

Posted on 11.10.2012

The Sweeter Banana growers and their families travelled from Carnarvon to Perth and offered the Royal Show visitors to taste the difference in a tropical grown banana compared to a sub-tropical banana and the result was overwhelming.


The Sweeter Banana Co-operative has been attending the Royal Show for the last 5 years and we didn't miss out this year either. We have been sampling our bananas for each year; telling the visitors that our sub-tropical grown bananas are sweeter and creamier then a tropical grown banana but this year we proved the difference.

The visitors that were passing by our stand were asked to taste the difference between bananas and most people were sceptic about it at first but got a very surprising look on their face while tasting the normal cavendish to discover the difference in flavour. We had to explain that the difference are caused by the longer growing period that the sub-tropical weather demands compared to the perfect growing conditions that they have in tropical far north Queensland.

Just like the Curtin University study showed, 9 out 10 could taste the difference and 8 out of 10 preferred the taste of a sub-tropical banana. The Sweeter Banana growers sampled out nearly 50 000 tooth pick samples during the 7 days the Royal Show was running.

Comments we heard was: " - Mummy, Mummy we have to buy those bananas"  "- You have got me convinced, I have never realised the difference"  " - I tried your bananas here at the show last year and I haven’t bought any other bananas since"  " - I am a Queenslander and you are right, this bananas are much much sweeter and creamier"


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