Meet The Growers

           Michael & Catriona Nixon

Michael and his wife Catriona came from wheat, cattle and sheep farming in New Norcia, to Carnarvon to grow bananas in 2007. Michael is a Sweeter Banana Board member and never tires of proudly showing friends and relatives from all over Australia his banana plantation. “I am continually amazed at the response that I get when people try our bananas” said Michael, “it is really inspiring to be able to live in this fantastic place and grow such a great product that people love”.

Michael also grows Basil and corn and finds the Carnarvon lifestyle really suits his family and the town has plenty to offer for everyone. Michael will be participating in the Gascoyne Dash, a desert bike race in October 2009. Sweeter Banana is providing free bananas to all competitors to make sure they have plenty of energy to complete the gruelling 500 km race.

 Michael Andreoli

Michael was born and bred in Carnarvon on his plantation on South River road. He took over the property from his family in 2004 after completing his trade as a plumber. Michael grows mangoes, chillies, papaws and bananas. He has 6 children, which slow him down somewhat from enjoying his hobbies of fishing, shooting and motorbike riding.

  Domenic and Peter De Boni

Domenic and Peter are brothers who were bought up on Era plantation which they took over from their family in 1975. They are both dedicated to the Carnarvon Speedway with Domenic owning a racing car that their nephew in law drives for them. Apart from ongoing maintenance on the car they also grow bananas and mangoes and have tried their hand at citrus.


Stephen and Linda Lyall

Linda and Stephen have been at Dunvegan for the past 10 years. Steven was previously an industrial plant mechanic and worked for Auto Pro and Main Roads in Carnarvon and he grew up at Lyall’s nursery on North River Road. Stephen is a keen speedway fan and drives his uncle in-laws car on the track and he also enjoys restoring vintage cars. Linda grew up on Era plantation which her uncles Domenic and Peter De Boni now run. She has run Riverside Day-care centre for the past 12 years and is a 4th generation banana grower from both sides of her family.

        Phillip and Rita Byron

Rita and Phillip have been on Clearwater plantation for the past 5 years with their 4 children. Previously to living on the plantation Phillip was an explosives trainer for Orica however now they spend most of their time growing bananas and mangoes. When they aren’t taking their kids to netball, football or cricket they also like to go fishing.

         Bruce and Darrell Munro

Bruce was a mechanic in Perth before he moved to Carnarvon and met the lovely Darrell who has been living at Munro’s plantation since the tender age of 2. Darrell has spent the past 7 years working for Sweeter Banana and before that ran Munro’s Café for 13 years and sold the best mango nachos on the strip! Bruce and Darrell grow mangos and bananas and they have 3 grown up sons with 5.5 grand children to keep them busy!

Kane Munro

At the age of 5 Kane said to his Mum and Dad that he was going to be a cook and then take over the plantation, so where were they going to live? Well he is a trained chef and used to work at the Gateway and Fascine Lodge in Carnarvon. He is now back on the plantation but luckily for Bruce and Darrell he found another house! Kane is married to Sue-Lyn and has three children. His main hobby away from the plantation and his family is the speedway where he drives and owns his own car.

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